First Open Session

Our first Open session

Our guest, arriving from Kuwait to meet Jeddah’s fine people, has a major interest in religious and philosophical studies, he has a MA in Islamic Jurisprudence.

Abdullah Khalid Almatar

He will talk with us about the topic “Education is a basis for Civilization”

Next Thursday 9 November 2010 from 11am – 1pm

at Bridges Bookstore, Arafat St, Jeddah

Entrance fees: 30 SR

We are excited to see you all!

Intellect Team ..

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لقاء مع ضيفنا القادم من دولة الكويت ليلتقي بأهل جدة الأفاضل، هو طالب علم “مهتم بالعلوم الشرعية والفلسفية”

حاصل على درجة الماجستير في أصول الفقه.

…عبد الله خالد المطر

سيحاورنا في موضوع “العلم مرتكز النهضة”

December 9 , 2010

الساعة 11ص وحتى 1ظ

في مكتبة جسور

رسوم الحضور 30 رس


للاستفسار الرجاء الانتقال الى صفحة contact us في الاعلى


About intellectjeddah

Intellect is a grassroots organisation dedicated to spreading healthy debate, and creating awareness in the female youth of Saudi society. Whilst we can’t promise to produce intellectuals, we can create the environment in which intellect can thrive, and we believe this environment starts with healthy debate. We believe that the uplifting and productivity of our nation is directly proportional to the increase in the number of intellectuals in our society.
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