Welcome ..

Al Salam Alaikom Everyone

Today, the 2nd of Nov. Intellect has launched thier program for the second year ..

On Behalf of all Intellect’s Team Members .. I would like to welcome all new members OFFICIALLY to Intellect ..

May Allah Bless all the members & bring great achievments for this year and all the years to come Inshallah ..

Have a Great Year members & hope to see all non-members at registrations next year !

Best wishes,

Intellect Team ..

About intellectjeddah

Intellect is a grassroots organisation dedicated to spreading healthy debate, and creating awareness in the female youth of Saudi society. Whilst we can’t promise to produce intellectuals, we can create the environment in which intellect can thrive, and we believe this environment starts with healthy debate. We believe that the uplifting and productivity of our nation is directly proportional to the increase in the number of intellectuals in our society.
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